Christopher L. Mills, SAMS® AMS® | Principal Marine Surveyor

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MYS Marine Consultants

Panama City, Florida

Specializing in Pre-Purchase and C&V surveys in NW Florida and Alabama

Services We Provide

Types of Marine Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase (sometimes called Condition & Value or C&V) Survey: This is a comprehensive inspection of all accessible areas of the vessel, including hull structure, electrical and plumbing systems, air handlers, external inspection of the main engines and generator, and standing and running rigging (sailboat only). This inspection is generally conducted both afloat and onshore, and should include a short sea trial. The report is prepared in narrative format, including observations and unusual characteristics with respect to each system and component. It also includes a fair market value of the vessel, and a list of prioritized recommendations and suggested upgrades.

As noted above, the engine inspection is confined to an external inspection only. If a more comprehensive inspection of the condition of the engines is required (strongly recommended for larger vessels) an engine surveyor or mechanic should be retained. I do not sub-contract these services, however I maintain a list of qualified mechanics that I will be happy to pass along.

The price of a Pre-Purchase survey depends on the type of vessel and complexity of systems. I use a sliding scale and decide on a rate dependent on the length, age, construction material, and systems. Keep in mind that an older, smaller boat can take longer to inspect (due to numerous owner additions for example) than a larger, newer boat. Similarly, a large sport fisherman or yacht can take more than one day to inspect. I may also charge a per diem if the vessel is out of my immediate area, or simply charge more per foot. Wooden and steel vessels are by the hour or fixed quote only.


Insurance Surveys and Appraisals

I am often asked what the difference is between a Pre-Purchase and Insurance survey. From my perspective, and the boat owner’s , not very much! I conduct all surveys as if they were for Pre-Purchase (C&V). I do not perform “abbreviated” inspections. I spend the same amount of time in each inspection, spend the same time researching the fair market value, and use the same descriptive narrative format in my reports. There are some instances, however, in which the vessel is inspected while blocked ashore (precluding testing of engines, gensets, other systems). Similarly, a sea trial or haul out is not always required by the owner and/or insurance company. In both cases, as I obviously will spend less time onboard and will not have to address operational testing in the report, I will adjust my fee. Please call or email me for a quote.

Appraisals are intended to determine the fair market value of the vessel for estate purposes, donation, etc. Appraisals should never be confused with other more comprehensive types of surveys.


Damage Inspection

Christopher Mills has over 25 years experience in attending marine losses for various domestic and foreign based underwriters, to include all phases of surveying, claim investigation, and adjustment aspects in the USA, Caribbean Basin, Central & South America. Please see Link to Southern Yacht Surveyors.


Project Management, Consulting & Other Services

Please contact me if you would like to consult with me regarding a repair specification, repair follow-up or supervision, or general consultation. I also provide other services such as corrosion surveys.

Project management and consulting is charged at an hourly rate, plus per diem or other fees if the project is outside my local area.