Marine Surveyors and Claims Investigators

Panama City, Florida

Christopher L. Mills, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
ABYC Standards Accredited, ABYC Certified Marine Electrical Technician

Clinton Evans SAMS® AMS® | Principal Marine Surveyor | (361) 850-3317 |


INITIAL CONSULTATION – Professional Courtesy (No Charge)

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – $100 per hour for the following:
Review Case Files – Research – Report Preparation – Inspections – Damage Claims & Investigations – Cargo – On/Off Hire – Consultations (By Phone or In Person)

PRE-PURCHASE or INSURANCE SURVEYS (Condition & Valuation) – Commercial and Recreational vessels INCLUDING Sea Trials, Overhauls & Repair Project Management.

  • Outboard Vessels – $450 minimum for small boats less than 25 feet
  • Inboard Motor Vessels & Sail Boats – Because each vessel is unique and a number of variables determine cost, please ask for a quote.

INSURANCE CLAIMS – Flat rates for extended periods of time may be contracted between this surveyor and the insurance company. Request a quote.

Ultrasonic and Stray Current inspections involve unique vessels and situations, which determine the cost.

ULTRASONIC TESTING (Audio Gauging) – This service can be quoted by the “shot” or by the job. The price per “shot” is $10.00 with a $200 minimum..


OIL ANALYSIS – Laboratory Oil Analysis – $ 55 Each Sample.

CONSULTING – Flat rates may be arranged for long term contracts. Request a quote.

LEGAL FEES – $350 per hour. A Consulting Contract Escrow Account may be required. Rate includes administrative services.

REPORTS – Provided in Adobe Acrobat format and supplied via email at no cost. Hard copies are $75 each, bound and sent US Mail First class..

Per Diem (Food & Lodging) $ 225/day
Mileage $ 0.545/Mile or current IRS rate
Air – Actual Receipted
Rental car if necessary – Actual Receipted plus fuel cost


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